Your SentriLock™ Solution

for MREB Members!

SentriLock™ contracts with MREB to provide various products and services to help REALTORS® manage Lockboxes, including our newest Bluetooth® version. You can purchase Lockboxes through MREB, which can then authorize you access to SentriKey, which allows you to manage your Lockbox inventory, generate secure One Day and Flex Codes for access to your Lockboxes, view access logs, and control your personal settings related to our Lockbox features.

We also provide US-Based end-user support seven days a week from 8 a.m. to midnight (ET) to assist with any Lockbox related questions. Contact SentriLock at or by calling 1-877-736-8745.

The SentriLock System provides many advantages and benefits.

More showings = more closings.
The convenient and secure access to our Lockboxes allows you to show more properties more often and solicit timely feedback. Authorized showing agents can show property without the listing agent having to be at each showing and without having to remember multiple codes for multiple mechanical Lockboxes. Listing agents will receive nearly instant showing notifications allowing them to follow up for timely feedback from the showing agent.
Our Lockboxes are more secure than mechanical lockboxes. With SentriLock Lockboxes, every access is recorded and reported. You can easily track who accessed each Lockbox and when.
Advanced Technology
We utilize advanced technology, such as our SentriKey Mobile App and our new SentriGuard Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockbox, to provide even more convenient, safe and easy access to our Lockboxes.
One Day Codes
The One Day Code feature allows for secure and reported access to our Lockboxes for those who might not have a Lockbox key. This could be an out-of-town agent, a home inspector, appraiser, contractor or even a locked-out homeowner.
Home Owner Control
Our Lockboxes can allow homeowners to use a “Do Not Disturb” code to schedule times when their home is not available for showing, therefore providing them with a sense of control and privacy.
Because SentriLock is NAR-owned, members are reinvesting in their Association by using SentriLock.
Built to Last
SentriLock’s REALTOR® Lockbox has the highest level of standards compliance of any electronic lockbox product on the market today and has the most accreditations from recognized test laboratories, including:
  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) – Anti-theft Alarms and Devices ATJT.BP10347
  • RoHS – Reduction of Hazardous Substances – Lead, Cadmium, Mercury free product<
  • Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) — The LPCB approval process involves assessment and testing of products to ensure that they meet quality standards set by a team of experts who may be regulators, insurers, designers, manufacturers, installers, engineers and scientists. Approval of products is usually based on testing undertaken by their world-renowned testing laboratories. This approval is maintained by regular audits to ensure that the product continues to meet the approval criteria.

How much does it cost to use SentriLock REALTOR® Lockboxes?
As a member of MREB, you must contact MREB to purchase SentriLock products. Please get in touch with MREB for SentriLock pricing details at or call 905-608-6732.

The Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockbox Advantage
Bluetooth® Compatible

100% Assembled & Supported in the USA

User Replaceable Batteries

Holds Keys, Fobs, & Cards

Compact Jam Free Design

Above & Beyond Standard Industry Certifications

The SentriKey Mobile App Advantage
Open Lockboxes with Smartphones or Tablet
Receive Instant Showing Notifications
Automatically Assign or Unassign to Property
Generate One Day Codes
View Access Logs
Customize Lockbox Setting
Available in the App Store and Google Play

One Day Code Advantag

Secure Keyless Access for:

One Day Code Facts 
One Day Codes are dynamic, which means they change every day.
This provides security by giving the code a time limit to access the Lockbox key department without having to visit your Lockbox to change the access code.

They are good for a specific day and can be set to expire for a specific timeframe after they are first used in the Lockbox.

One Day Codes can be generated for a Lockbox up to two weeks prior to when the code is actually needed.

The One Day Code can be assigned to the person that will be using it and their access to the Lockbox using the code will be recorded.

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