Life Insurance for MREB Members


As a Member of the Mississauga Real Estate Board, you enjoy access to comprehensive insurance coverage designed to protect against life's unexpected events. 

FAQs about MREB Member's Life Insurance 

What is covered under MREB insurance? 
1. in the event of an MREB Member's death, a tax-free lump sum of $30,000 is paid to a named beneficiary 
2.  In the event of an MREB Member's covered accidental death dismemberment, or covered loss, a lump sum of up to $50,000 may be paid to a named beneficiary 

3. 20% off discount on select regular-priced, non-prescription, private brand Rexall products 

Who do I contact about my insurance? 
You must contact or call 1 (877) 230-0153 

How much does my insurance cost? 
It does not cost MREB Members anything as this is a complimentary benefit offered by The Mississauga Real Estate Board

Is it mandatory to use this insurance as an MREB Member?
Yes. It is mandatory for an MREB member to opt into this insurance. 

Can this insurance be added to my current insurance plans? 
Yes, this is additional insurance you can add on top of your other insurance plans, including insurance you may receive from other real estate boards.